Your Own Marketing & Business Development Team

Why hire a single person when you can have a whole team?

At RRR, we help legal businesses improve, grow, and thrive.  We provide a range of services all designed to help your business in every way possible. Sometimes, we will work with clients on highly specialized and targeted projects designed to uncover specific data, or address a specific issue that is holding an organization or firm back.

Many of our clients, however, work with us on a holistic basis, availing themselves of the full gamut of our aggregate experience as a consulting team.   Working with us in this way is a compelling alternative to hiring your own in-house marketing staff and can present distinct and powerful advantages.  And, if you already have in-house marketing and business development professionals, we can interface and collaborate with them and maximize their effectiveness – precluding the need to hire additional resources. By working with us, you bring the distinct advantage of a diverse, objective outside team with 60+ years of combined consulting, marketing, and business development experience.

In-house Marketing / Business Development Professional
RRR Consulting
Years of Experience 5-10 years Team with 60+  years
Global Reach Unlikely Worldwide Client Base
Network /Contacts 250-1000 20,000+
Diverse Expertise Unlikely Yes
Attorney / Law Firm Specialization Maybe Yes
Tactical Diversity Small Extensive
Large Scale Project Capabilities Unlikely Yes
Proven Strategies Worldwide No Yes
Requires Additional Office Space Yes No
Incurs Healthcare/ Administrative Expenses Yes No
Global Reputation for Excellence No Yes
Risk Level Medium to high Low
Cost Expensive – Low ROI Cost-effective, higher ROI

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