The Aippi Recommendations For Reform

AIPPI asked Robin Rolfe to suggest how it could increase its membership and relevance. These were her biggest recommendations

As well as its more specific recommendations, the Robin Rolfe Resources report offered the following overview of its points:

  • Be more ambitious, take on more work and both broaden and narrow the scope and focus look at more forums, audiences and subjects ofinterests to specific groups.
  • Involve more members in work and work more quickly, without the constraints imposed by the AIPPI “programme,” committees and Congress schemes.
  • Focus on implementation and impact. All work should be screened to ensure that those involved have the plan and ability to advocate for resolutions and to advance AIPPI positions.
  • Get more from and give more to the National/Regional Groups to obtain greater control,
    conformity and productivity.
  • Streamline decision-making and streamline the statutes.
  • Advocate and demonstrate impact.
  • Use professional staff to develop a membership recruitment and public relations programme.
  • Look forward. Studies should include identifying and addressing the most important emerging issues and show thought leadership in the broadest sense.
  • Restructure the resources on the AIPPI website and, going forward, conduct and file research
    reports in such a way to maximize future use.
  • Promote the accomplishments of AIPPL
  • Create industry groups and a corporate membership option.
  • Allocate money now spent on printing, postage and travel reimbursement to programming,
    advocacy and member development.
  • Create new programming more issues, more education, more networking. Focus on key industry groups and niches within IP and develop targeted programmes to be relevant to them.
  • Engage in joint ventures with academic institutions and joint projects with other organisations.
  • Find an alternative to the term “scientific” research.
  • Focus on enforcement through both the judiciary and executive agencies.
  • Open Congresses to non-members.
  • Use technology innovatively in operations and activities.
  • Seek sources of revenue from research and programming.

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