In a room full of potential clients and prospective relationships, sometimes people will walk right by you to get to the people that they want to see.

Beyond the United States, we have clients in over thirty countries. And for all of them our approach to consulting is pragmatic and results-oriented. We know that using a relationship-centric approach is the most effective way of getting business, keeping business and growing business. To that end, we can provide your organization with a comprehensive suite of services that are geared towards helping you increase your visibility and grow your contact lists into vibrant and dynamic business networks.


Consulting, as a practice, can often be theoretical and we certainly do our share of data analysis to inform our marketing strategies for our clients. But, we are mindful never to lose sight of the importance that relationships play in business development.

When we craft a marketing and business development plan for our clients we take a holistic approach that can include some or all of the following components:

  • Participation in Organizations, Associations and at Conferences

  • Sponsorships and Traditional Print/Electronic Advertising

  • Client Feedback Surveys

  • Marketing Meetings and Follow-Up Coaching

  • Business Development Coaching

  • Online presence including websites, blogs and social media

  • Budgeting – for marketing and business development activities

  • Client “Wish List” Business Development

  • Internal processes – HR, Databases, Legal Software, Organizational Dynamics

  • Fee Schedule and RFP Response

  • Internal Cross Marketing

What Is It Like to Work with Us?

We are different from other consulting companies in many ways  – we don’t just do a pile of research and hand you a report.  We think that effective consulting is more than just doling out a bunch of advice. So, after we figure out what we think you should do, we help you get it done. We know attorneys, and we know how busy they are. If there is a project that does not require your input, then we’ll take care of it. If the project requires more of your time, we will work collaboratively, but always mindful of your schedule and priorities.


It’s About Relationships …

We know that you want results to come as soon as possible. We want you to reach out to us if you have an issue with your business that is perplexing you.  And we will reach out to you if we learn something that you need to know – and that’s often because we are always scanning and monitoring the legal landscape for issues that can affect our clients.

We Practice What We Preach …

Every marketing plan that we develop is custom tailored to meet our clients’ individual needs and goals. Once you engage us, we will initiate and cultivate a strong professional relationship.  The state of your business becomes our business. We keep in touch and expect you to do the same.  Above and beyond the services we provide, it is our goal to become your trusted advisors and trusted colleagues.  We want you to be engaged with and invested in the process, even as we take the lead in most aspects and do a large portion of the heavy lifting.

Our clients all have one thing in common: they are very good at what they do. We represent accomplished and talented lawyers all over the world.  They also share something else – they don’t have enough time or marketing expertise to communicate how good they really are to the rest of the world.  If you are looking for a comprehensive plan to improve how your business operates, and increase your  revenue, Contact RRR and we can help you plan a strategy and then help make that strategy happen.

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