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IP Practice Management: Observations from the Outside

It will come as no surprise to readers in their mid-career or later that the management of intellectual property (IP) practices has changed dramatically over the past 20 years. Even those who are more recent law school graduates are likely to recognize that the practice environment is different from when they started. It could be […]

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Robin Rolfe Named Fellow To The College Of Law Practice Management

The College of Law Practice Management (“COLPM”) has inducted Robin Rolfe as a Fellow in the College. Ms. Rolfe is President of Robin Rolfe Resources (“RRR”), a strategic planning and business development consulting firm to the legal community. The COLPM extends fellowships to honor the extraordinary achievement of law practice management professionals. Fellows must be […]

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The Aippi Recommendations For Reform

AIPPI asked Robin Rolfe to suggest how it could increase its membership and relevance. These were her biggest recommendations As well as its more specific recommendations, the Robin Rolfe Resources report offered the following overview of its points: Be more ambitious, take on more work and both broaden and narrow the scope and focus look […]

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Rousing Response For Rolfe Report

By Simon Crompton from Managing Intellectual Property Change is on the cards for AIPPI, ifthe reception given to a report on the association’s future is anything to go by Despite the fundamental nature of the changes recommended by Robin Rolfe in her presentation at the AIPPI Congress, there were no critical comments by the delegates. Instead, […]

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Report issued on the future of AIPPI

By Simon Crompton from AIPPI Congress News A study on AIPPI’s mission and strategy has produced a range of recommendations, some of them controversial. simon Crompton looks at the important points In September, Robin Rolfe Resources (RRR) delivered its report on the AIPPI Strategy Objectives Project, the structure of which had been put together in 2011 by […]

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AIPPI Report Recommends Overhaul

By Simon Crompton from Managing Intellectual Property A frank report commissioned by the industry association says AIPPI has “stalled” and needs urgent reform ifit is to remain relevant The report by Robin Rolfe Resources (RRR) tells AIPP1 its organisation is too “large and bulky”, that it needs to hire more permanent staff, and that it will […]

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Interview with Robin Rolfe

Marcasur 2011 (Spanish Language) About career: Is your agenda complete after the INTA? What is the balance of this edition?My career has not been so much of a plan as it has been an evolution. I was always interested in law but I found that my skills and intellectual curiosity were more satisfied working with […]

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Business Development Starter Guide

RRR Resources Law Practice Management Newsletter (2010) You do not have to be born a rainmaker or natural marketer to be successful getting business. If you just rolled your eyes, think back to law school, where, unless you were gifted, you studied, learned and have since honed your practice skills. You could have been sharpening […]

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